Making & Mixing of: Qraig – Suzie Wong

Making & Mixing of: Qraig – Suzie Wong

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Greetings everyone! Back at it again with my new blog entry. The making and mixing of my latest production, Qraig “Suzie Wong!” I love sharing my knowledge and give insight to my creative process. As I grow in my career, I realize how essential it is to share with others. You have to share to grow. It’s just that simple. Over the summer of 2014, I had been composing several different riddims, and production with my friend and producer EchoSlim. It’s always a great and fun process of creating something with someone. He primarily uses the DAW Ableton, which it forced me to get more acquainted with the DAW and how to use it.  It’s a superb DAW with lots of capabilities. I still enjoy the work flow of Apple’s Logic Pro, which is my primary DAW. It’s always fun to dabble in other programs though.

Initially we had came up with this late 80’s/ 90’s hi-hat swing which intro’s the record and continues with variations throughout. I have taken a screenshot of the Ableton session for you all to see.

Screenshot 2015-08-27 21.06.38


Initially we had found the melody for the riddim though the use of an organ. It further added to doo wap style of the instrumental. This melody was later replaced by a live bassline in the riddim to replicate what the organs were doing. This made for a more authentic old school style of riddim in my opinion.

Screenshot 2015-08-27 21.04.18

Screenshot 2015-08-27 21.05.57


Once the instrumental was created I was able to reach out to Craig form the group Voicemail. He was able to record the song and take the concept pitched to him to a next level. once the vocals came bak it was an easy mix. Below you’ll see my processing. I used AutoTune as the first plugin on Craig’s vocal chain. He didn’t need it non at all, but it add a cool smoothness to the vocals. Universal Audio’s Pultec did some great attenuation and gain. Added with a nice plate reverb from the EMT 140 it added great space and depth to the vocals.

Screenshot 2015-08-27 21.09.48


Please feel free to support me by buying the track here!



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